xFontCreator provides with a simplistic font designer that can help in creating new fonts.

xFontCreator assists you in modifying font characters at pixel level and then exporting the output to a C source file that developers can then integrate into their programs.

Aimed at beginner users, xFontCreator adopts a straightforward approach, providing only basic drawing tools and a rather simple interface.

Unlike other similar utilities, it cannot be used for creating a font from scratch. On the other hand, you can easily import a font that is already installed on your computer and redesign its existing characters in order to create a personal, customized style.

Once a font is imported, the application enables you to view the complete character set and start editing each item in particular. The new font can be saved locally in a proprietary format and loaded at a later time, should any modifications be required.

The ‘drawing board’ assists you in designing the looks of each letter, number and symbol, with unlimited undo options, as well as copy and paste functionality. The character dimension is fully customizable, since you are the one to adjust its width and height.

On the downside, xFontCreator cannot automatically apply a font style (italic, bold, bold italic), nor it can insert contours or process handwritten characters, which is a major drawback for typographers and graphic designers.

Once the design is in its final state, the result can be easily exported to your computer as a C source file, which can be then implemented into an application.

xFontCreator only allows you to redesign a set of characters and generate a C source file containing your work. It cannot save the personalized font or install it on your system. Therefore, it is rather useless to the average PC user, but it can prove a handy tool to software developers.
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